The Epilogue, an exhibition signifying the conclusion of not only our time as Reading School of Art students but the end of the building that has housed us for three or four years. In preparation for this degree show, there has been a nostalgic buzz in the studio, with students sharing their fond memories created within the fragile walls of the department. We have reminisced about how far we have come as artists and people, from first establishing ourselves in studio one, to preparing for our final show. We question each other about where we are going next, and what our plan is, so much so that sometimes it is easy to forget to savour the present. However, the future is looking bright for the department, with the rebirth of RSA taking place as you read this. Thus, we are honoured to be the last year to enjoy the wonderfully humble and historically vibrant TOB1 building, and in doing so, we present The Epilogue. We invite you to join us in our celebration, sharing the hard work of our final-year students in the building that was the catalyst for it all.


Eman Almukaimi
Benkhalifa, C. 2
Chrifa Benkhalifa
Godwin, R. 1
Rosina Godwin
Gyparis, G. 1
Georgios Gyparis
Harwood, L. 1
Lucy Harwood
Taha, F. 1
Farah Taha
Zou, Y. 1A
Yue Zou


Aljaradat, G. 1
Gabby Aljaradat
Anaxagora, C. 1
Chloe Anaxagora
Anderson, M. 1
Maisie Anderson
Avigayil Ashton
Atherton Papell-Fernandez, M. 1
Morgan Atherton Papell-Fernandez
Bicknell, R. 1
Rachel Bicknell
Boast, K. 1
Krystal Boast
Brothers, M. 1
Maisy Brothers
Buttanshaw, E. 1
Ellen Buttanshaw
Cartwright, C. 1
Cerys Cartwright
Castillo, E. 1
Eden Castillo
Chelmis, M. 1
Maddy Chelmis
Cotton, Z. 1
Zachary Cotton
Dalvand, M. 1
Millie Dalvand
Davies, L. 1
Liv Davies
Davis, N. 1
Natasha Davis
Dickens, D. 1
Daisy Dickens
Flory T, 1
Tilly Flory
Geary, J. 1
Jasmin Geary
Hill, M, 1
Megan Hill
Hocherman, S. 1
Simone Hocherman
Hopkinson, J. 1
Julia Hopkins
Jones, H. 1
Holly Jones
Kayani, F. 1
Fajar Kayani
King, C. 1
Catalina King
Lifton, E. 1
Eloise Lifton
Marrington, G. 1
George Marrington
Matthews, C. 1
Chayse Matthews
McIntyre, T. 1
Tom McIntyre
McNally. E. 1
Erin McNally
Muhammed, Q. 1
Qunan Muhammed
Ogiri, E. 1
Emmanuella Ogiri
Penfold, J. 1
Jessica Penfold
Untitled Artwork
Amy Pye
Sausset, V. 1
Victor Sausset
Scanlon, O. 1
Ollie Scanlon
Temur, S. 1
Seren Temur
Thorpe, B. 1
Briar Thorpe
Tumber, C. 1
Caitlin Tumber
Weston, C. 1A
Charlotte Weston
Williamson, M. 1
Maddie Williamson
Untitled Artwork
Xiyu Zeng
Xinyi Zhang
Zhang, Z. 1
Zhenlin Zhang