2023 BA → Millie Dalvand

Millie Dalvand

Dalvand, M. 1
Collection, Mixed media, 90 cm x 40 cm x 180 cm, 2023

My work is sculpture based with a focus on ceramics. The sculptures produced are handmade, each drawing from different sentiments and personal experience. Through creating vessels, historically used throughout time to carry things important and meaningful to us, I have used vases to depict moments, facts, or honour loved ones. // Experimenting with clay and making rice paintings have allowed me to focus on processes of labour. Through using materials with malleable properties such as clay and rice, both with a capacity to change consistency, I have produced fragile ephemeral sculptures such as my rice painting, created by hand sticking individual grains of rice, or creating misshapen vases inspired by characteristics of my grandma. I explore the ways in which vessels can hold emotional value, based on connections with the people around me in a playful way.//Displays of my work have revolved around how to house important things, drawing from the concept of a cabinet of curiosities to display a personal collection, and now evolving into building a sacred space which is meaningful to the individual and also welcome to others as a means of exhibiting my collection of sculptures.

Dalvand, M. 2
My Grandma is more flexible than me, nin jiom pei pa koa, collapsed vase and glazed ceramics, 14 cm x 17 cm, 13 cm x 18 cm, 13 cm x 14 cm, 2022
Dalvand, M. 3
rice painting 2, black rice on MDF, 20 cm x 8cm, 2023
Dalvand, M. 4
garlic!, ceramic, wooden stand, 4x3cm, 2023
Dalvand, M. 5
garlic!, ceramic, wooden stand, 4x3cm, 2023