2023 BA → Qunan Muhammed

Qunan Muhammed

Muhammed, Q. 1
Silver Bullit, Enamel and Acrylic on canvas,182 cm x 122 cm, 2022

As a creator who admires the art of comics with the painting styles of Da Vinci and Turner…I am rooted in the history of Art & Graphics…tapered by the mastery of technique. My preferences to communicate complex stories or ideas by using dynamic action sequences with detailed character designs that have anatomical accuracy, can clearly be seen in my work ‘Arrowhead’. Essentially, this work was a protest against the mistreatment of women in Formula One, and sees a range of photographic techniques/styles, including intricate line-work that plays with bold colours to dramatically force compositions into highly-charged emotional depictions of what it may feel like for a woman, journeying through the world of ‘F1’. Particular, importance was paid to the details of how anatomy as well as perspective, could be utilised to celebrate the beauty and complexity of the human female form to demonstrate their characteristics of possessing vast degrees of internal as well as external strengths. However, my works entitled ‘Silver Bullit’ ‘and ‘Attack the Corner’ represented a different use of methods and degrees of applying paint, as In this case, I attempted to create an evocative landscape, portraying the luminous power and majesty of nature itself.

Muhammed, Q. 2
Attack The Corner, Enamel and Acrylic on Board, 23 cm x 123 cm x2, 2023
Muhammed, Q. 3
Arrow Head, Enamels & Acrylics on board, 182cm x 183cm, 2023
Muhammed, Q. 4
Q-Force, Creative photography, 30x42cm, 2022
Muhammed, Q. 5
Innovation Warrior, Creative photography, 30 cm x42 cm, 2023