2023 BA → Ollie Scanlon

Ollie Scanlon

Scanlon, O. 1
conflicting, Acrylic and Spray paint, 16 cm x 12 cm, 2023

Using a range of media, such as acrylic paints, spray paint as well as performance, to reinvent the relationship between sound and visual art. Using ecstatic and wild colouration simulating the movement and flow that sound has, for the viewer to experience in a different stimulating sense. My artwork is to replicate the symptoms of synesthesia, a neurological condition where one’s brains process stimulation in a way that allows them to experience several senses at once. Influenced by artists such as Melissa Mccracken who has Chromesthesia, a category of synesthesia where most sounds can cause them to see shapes of different colours. Using bold and vibrant abstract colours Melissa transcribes her experience into lively oil paintings. All of which are based of particular songs and genres of music that are ‘nicer looking than others.’ As well as with my own experience with Chromesthesia my aim is to transcend sound and songs into a devotional visual experience.

Scanlon, O. 2
Daydream, Oil on canvas, 30 cm x 40 cm, 2022
Scanlon, O. 4
Crossed Mary, 15cmX 12cm, Brusho, Acrylic and spray paint on card, 2023