2023 BA → Xinyi Zhang

Xinyi Zhang

Wave Inside, Digital painting, 910px * 1080px, 2023

The Wave series is an experimental work of art in water waves. I want to express the de-urbanized loneliness that I feel in the solitary life after the outbreak of Covid-19 in the form of making water waves. In Wave I, I used coloured paper strips instead of the blue and white that usually represent water. Instead, I used a rainbow-like gradient of colours for the raindrops and a combination of wire and washi tape for the clouds.
In Wave II, I used techniques from Knot Art to secure the silk rope. In the colour selection of the work, I used blue and white to make Wave II more visually reminiscent of water ripples than Wave I. I cut each silk rope to the length of the ripple of my recorded rain sound. The way of hanging in mid-air can better reflect the uncertainty of the wave.
While making Wave III, I reused the silk rope but secured it with a wooden loop. More rope ensures that the silk ropes do not get tangled in each other while hanging, while the elastic cords that fix the inner and outer rings allow the Wave III to shake to show the softness of the water.
While making Wave Inside, I realized that a more intuitive visual representation was needed to show the loneliness in life. It is not good when a work of art requires too many words to explain its meaning. Therefore, I made the stop-motion animation work Wave Inside, combining the process of water droplets in the sink with sound. Let people feel the loneliness brought about by the neglected little things in life when watching the works.

Zhang, X. 2
Wave III, Silk rope and wood ring, 24 cm x 53 cm, 2022