2023 BA → Charlotte Weston

Charlotte Weston

Weston, C. 1A
Char, where's your sister gone? CMYK UV screenprint on paper, adhered to wood, 1180 mm x 840 mm, 2023

My screen-printing works with scale, testing the boundaries of how big a screen-print can be. Using digital software to manipulate my image, I can expand the size of the screen-print to wider dimensions by dividing up the image into smaller stencils that are printed side by side. This allows me to explore how big screen-prints could be, working towards life-size scales which helps to immerses the viewer in the moment.

As my practice developed, the theme of my prints shifted to darker social situations illuminated by coloured strobe lights. This way, I could not only recreate the moment through photorealistic CMYK stencils, as I had done earlier in my printing practice, but also encapsulate the moment through the screen-printing inks that I use. Using UV inks that glow under blacklight, I can recreate the intensity of the strobe lights in the prints in the way they appeared in person.

Weston, C. 2
May 2022, Paper stencil screenprint on paper, 471 mm x 301 mm, 2023
Weston, C. 3
Discovering Lemnos, Acrylic on stone, 2x 190 mm x 160 mm, 2022