2023 BA → Daisy Dickens

Daisy Dickens

Dickens, D. 1
Hit Me Gently, crochet sculpture, 250 cm x 100 cm, 2021

With my practice, I want to dissect and interrogate the idea of gendered work, specifically through the use of objects and processes which traditionally seem to hold these norms within them. The ridiculousness of these dated concepts forms the basis of my creative ideation, and I wish to subvert these gendered norms, to consider how gender functions in the contemporary creative industry.

And so, my work heavily involves crochet and other textiles (processes which have often been deemed a ‘feminine’ craft) to create sculptural objects of a figurative nature, with a semi-satirical spin to them.

By using my techniques of choice, crochet and knitting mainly, the softness of the fabric often contradicts the functionality of objects as well, i.e., making large, heavy, and almost brutal items softer and benign. I have also further explored this relationship in the opposite direction, by weaving harder, more heavy-duty materials into blankets and tapestries.

The investigation of these contradictions in physical properties and gender connotations result in my amusing, tactile, weird, and exaggerated artworks. I hope you enjoy.

Dickens, D. 2
Suck and Blow, crochet scuplture, 115 cm x 30 cm, 2022
Dickens, D. 3
Hit Me Gently, crochet sculpture, 250 cm x 100 cm, 2021
Dickens, D. 4
Waited Blanket, String and hexagon steel nuts, 100 cm x100 cm, 2022
Dickens, D. 5
Knitting for good! Multimedia, 170 cm x 130 cm, 2023