2023 BA → Jasmin Geary

Jasmin Geary

Geary, J. 1
carou-sell yourself, mixed media including foam board and wood, 2.5m x 1.5m, 2022

Primarily with art I take focus within human condition and how society dictates this, finding more joy from strikingly melancholy portraits than picturesque landscapes. Art to me is simply a form of expression, a language understandable regardless of upbringing and geographical location; a way to safely wear my heart on my sleeve. Spontaneity rules my practice, allowing emotions and themes to grow so all consuming that I have no choice but to express myself, bringing the concept from idea to fruition within days. However, Carou-sell Yourself was quite the opposite, having this idea written down for almost 5 years now I felt it important to give myself the time to both grow and refine my skills to create this piece. Carou-sell Yourself exists as an oxymoron, partnering nostalgia with vulgarity to represent the uneasiness of the male gaze. The women captured through golden silhouette pole dance within the carousel structure; representing the simultaneous pressure for woman to be virile sex symbols for their nuclear husbands partnered with the shame they are expected to feel for doing so. There is a fine line between a celebration of life and a freak show; to which the audience is left delicately tight roping.

Geary, J. 2
you’ve given my voice away on a silver platter, mixed media- clay and epoxy on canvas, 30cm x 20cm, 2022
Geary, J. 3
here lies Dolly, plaster snd modroc, 2m x 75cm, 2023