2023 BA → Fajar Kayani

Fajar Kayani

Kayani, F. 1
Night Musings, Film still, 1920 x 1080 p FHD, 2022

I try to capture different states throughout my practice, such as parasomnia, dreams, and confrontations with reality. A psychology paper entitled “The Interpretation of Dreams and Dreaming… Branching into Parallel Worlds and Hyper Dimensional Realms…” informed my practice; it was found in their study that when an individual dreams, a new branch of reality opens and exists in a parallel hyper dimension. Every iteration of a piece of work throughout this year was a representation of a parallel reality; the process is therefore holistic, allowing me to create a visual world where everything is related and derived from each other in some way.

Kayani, F. 2
Kayani, F. 3
The Ritual Ink, laser-cut acrylic sheets, Varying sizes, 2023
Kayani, F. 4
Phantom musings, Screenprint on card, 8.27 in x 11.69 in, 2023
Kayani, F. 5
A Day In The Life Of A Dream, Film still, 1920 x 1080 p FHD, 2023