2023 BA → Eloise Lifton

Eloise Lifton

Lifton, E. 1
Sorry you’re not invited, CMYK screen print on paper, 55 cm x 55 cm, 2023

My practise is solely based within the process of screen printing. Upon adopting the technique of CYMK printing to produce full colour prints, I have been able to expand and adapt the idea of the conventional still life. I find a particular interest in the significance of everyday objects and their connection to the intangible relationships people develop towards their habitual environments. I have begun investigating the notion of trompe l’oeil from the two-dimensional quality of screen printing; seeking to trick the eye of the viewer through portraying and emphasising a distinct flatness within the objecthood of mundane clutter. I have always experienced a strange angst during the presentation of my artwork, because of its perception by those other than myself. I yearn for overlooking spectators in an attempt to bypass the exertion of the artist under the spotlight. Creating work that is small and commonplace to the eye of the viewer successfully diminishes my discontent of artistic perception.

Untitled Artwork
Untitled, Screen print on paper, 15 cm x 18 cm, 2023
Lifton, E. 3
Untitled, Screenprint on paper, 30 cm x 42cm, 2023