2023 BA → Tom McIntyre

Tom McIntyre

McIntyre, T. 1
City of Jewels,Mixed Media On Canvas, 65 cm x 120 cm, 2020

My practice can be seen as the amalgamation of hard-edge geometric abstraction and gestural abstract expressionism.

With an affinity to the phrase Abstract Engineering, which I believe can be used to most accurately describe my practice, I aim to investigate abstraction and its multiple uses as a means of problem solving, more specifcally how there can be a balance of refinement and functionality alongside the obscured and gesturally expressive.

I find inspiration, narritavely speaking, from external factors, such as contemporary discourse, as well as internal thoughts, feelings and experiences and use my practice and the works generated within it not only as a means of problem solving but additionally as a means of personal processing.

Having evolved my practice into three dimensional works concerning structural installation and small scale sculpture, I am interested in the inter-relational process within my practice; my current line of enquiry is concerned with the interference of surface, apparatus and materiality. Using materials which primarily have an association to crafts that fall outside of a generic artistic context, these works highlight not only my deliberate and intentional interference with the given work, but additionally highlight the associated narrative of the present work in ways such as, removal, trace, impression and masking in all forms.

McIntyre, T. 2
Primary Conditions, Mixed Media On Canvas, 2021
McIntyre, T. 3
2000000, Mixed Media On Frame Backed Wood Panel, 120 cm x 100 cm, 2022
McIntyre, T. 4
C12H17N2O4P, Mixed Media On Canvas, 40 cm x 60 cm, 2020