2023 MA → Farah Taha

Farah Taha

Taha, F. 1
Purple Nostalgia, Acrylic on canvas, 120 × 150 cm, 2023

My practice consists of a few visual elements ( patterns, figures, and portraits ) and I tend to mix linear techniques and painting values. I lean towards curved soft patterns almost feminine, and I usually go for monatomic colored palettes.The main mediums I use are water-based, like ink, watercolor, and acrylics. My paintings are surrealistic, and they are usually inspired by text and poetry that i write , I have started lately to experiment with audio, and the effects and layers audio can add to the viewers experience in a gallery, I found myself enjoying the repetition and mantra like vibe given by my recorded poems

I was thrown out of a prison into a wild forest
I strived for a cage
There comes a devil dressed like an angel
There comes the angel
There comes home
She took me with no exceptions
I gave myself up
Souls passed me by
I was a bus stop
Never a destination
I’m in a cage
The cage looked like heaven
Heaven was torn off the walls
The walls needed new paint
I would paint it purple
I would paint them with their lies

Taha, F. 2
Red roots, Pastel on paper, 110 × 90 cm, 2022