“Advice from past volunteers on your first visit “

I have volunteered in two schools and my first visits to both were pretty scary- I was excited to work with kids, but I know they can be quite harsh critics!  Luckily all the staff were really welcoming and made sure I knew what I was meant to be doing.  I was really grateful to them for taking the time to chat with me and I quickly learned that schools are incredibly busy places.  If you’re a new volunteer I would recomend going in with an open mind, get on with the tasks you are given and look out for anything else you can do to help. I soon began to really look forward to my weekly visit” 
Libby, English


“I recommend approaching this opportunity with an open mind and if your first visit is not as enjoyable as you hoped, give it another go because you will soon build a relationship with the teacher and pupil. The more you visit, the more the pupils will feel they can approach you and ask you for help, and the more the teacher will ask you to do  – this is when the experience feels really rewarding and worthwhile
Sophie, Biological Sciences


“I would tell a new volunteer to bring a smile, enthusiasm and patience with them.  Don’t worry about making mistakes or having a bad experience. Sometimes children do not understand or listen to you, but it’s important not to let it get to you and not to get frustrated.  This can sometimes be tricky, but the good experiences and ‘light-bulb’ moments will very soon completely make up for this” Victoria, Archaeology 




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