Collaborative colourings: How do you feel about Monday?

A work in progress, exploring the power of random colouring, and doing nothing in particular, as an act of self-care. 

This short collaborative project was inspired by the recent trend of Mindful colouring, but with a desire to move away from the intricate details of a colouring image often found in mindful colouring books and focus on the power of making gestures (colouring outside the lines!) using colour pencils to document and map inner states. Getting the family involved to colour two lengths of Wallpaper, allowed the act of random colouring to bring me and my family together. This project served as a reminder that colouring, or indeed any act without a specific goal (the act of getting messy and coloring outside the lines), can be used as a catalyst to open-up conversation or simply spend time with others without a solid reason, in this way colouring collaboratively become a space of care for self and others. 

This short clip is a work in progress, that records the often-unheard conversations that occurred during my family’s collaborative colourings, the foundation of the meaning of care.

Artist Organiser

Georgina Dayanc (BA Art and Psychology, University of Reading)


Georgina Dayanc, Katrina Dayanc (BA Art and Psychology, University of Reading) and the Dayanc Family household.

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