Architecture Cares

Stories and narratives of communities in Reading

This is an online workshop about our experience of caring spaces in Reading. Architecture students have made an online collage of Reading city centre that captures some of their personal experiences of how space and people care for them in Reading, some of them positive and others negative. And they created imaginary spaces that took care of their needs and desires: a yoga bench, a psychological shelter, a cocoon of meditation, a lantern furniture for nighttime lighting. What are your experiences and narratives of care, public or more intimate? How can care and friendship help design spaces and practices we use to embrace difference? What are your stories? What spaces of care do you imagine in Reading? 

We have used a virtual online platform (Miro) to capture and share with you the process of this interactive collage, storytelling and paper folding. 

Bring some paper, scissors, your phone or a camera and join us on Friday 28th May at 12noon to find out how Architecture Cares!  

This is an A1 image that shows a map of Reading in the background, using watercolours. It is superimposed by a series of three-dimensional sketches of spaces in Reading and interactions with people, objects and animals. There is handwritten text in between the sketches and images of paper models and their folding templates to make your own.
This is an interactive collage that depicts some of our personal experiences of how space and people care for us in Reading; some of them positive and others less so. Do you have stories to share in a place in Reading where you felt taken care of or let down? Could you write about it, adding on the handwritten story of the collage? Could you imagine it as a 3D space, using folded paper to create quick models? Play with us on this collage, adding your own stories and spaces of care in Reading!

Name of Contributors

Danya Boothway, Ronniela Castelo, Bupesh Hirani, Sophie Davies, Tracy Kong, Shiyu Zhao, Yasmin Soydan, Carolina Vasilikou (activator)

Name of Organisation

School of Architecture, University of Reading

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Join

Architecture Cares

Please join us in this workshop, where we will be reworking the map of care Architecture students have created, remapping the city of Reading together.

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