A Walk in Nature

Produce artworks from your walks in nature around the themes of care and self-care. 

This workshop is centred around the idea of ‘self-care’, using the practice of walking in nature as the initiator. The session is laid back and friendly, with no artistic experience needed. It is a way for us to explore different ways and ideas of care while relaxing and creating artwork together.

We ask our participants to take themselves on a walk before the workshop begins and collect objects from their walk. Whilst walking maybe think about the idea of ‘self-care’ with a particular focus on the elements around you: shapes, colours, smells, and collect a couple of objects for the workshop, these can be natural forms such as a leaf, stick, pinecone for instance. Your ‘object of care’ can be anything you find relevant and are naturally drawn to. If you are unable to collect objects from your walk, or go on a walk at all you can take objects from home and use them in the workshop. We will be using pens, pencils, paint or whatever art materials you have at home to create work as well as creating pieces combining the found objects either from your nature walk or from your home environment to create additional works. If possible make sure you have tape, string or something to bind the found objects and your art materials at hand.


Molly Talbot (BA Art and History of Art) & Charlotte Thomas (BA Art and Philosophy), Reading School of Art.

Join us for our workshop using a walk in nature to begin discussing care and self-care, using items collected on the walk to create our own artworks. 

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Join

A Walk With Nature

A workshop to creatively enhance your lockdown daily walks.

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