2023 BA → Gabby Aljaradat

Gabby Aljaradat

Aljaradat, G. 1
Embroidered emotions, Acrylic and ink on canvas with embroidered beads , 120 cm x 125cm, 2022
The practice in my artwork is heavily visceral and more contemporary based compared to past artworks of mine. Visceral artwork refers to the innate, or perhaps a gut feeling, its emotional capability being felt deep within and is natural and earthy, “viscera” is often used in replacement and correlates to the internal organs of the body.
My artwork is natural in appeal, using red warm ochres and earthy tones helps to create a more naturalist and internalised appeal, the rich reds and browns almost bloody on the canvas sheets. The addition of embroidery onto my pieces such as my ‘disintegration series’; in which I created a canvas hanging tapestry and embroidered hundreds of small delicate glass beads around the brunt smouldered edges, is earthy and delicate. I had decided to sew and stitch the surrounding area with dark red and mahogany thread, giving the effect of the cloth being eaten away either by disease or illness, its dark bloody appendages reminding me of a blood covered bandage.
I’m finding the balance between the macabre and beautiful to be fascinating, and I plan on expanding more on this topic even when I have finished my degree, there’s beauty even within the sadness.
Aljaradat, G. 2
disintegration series, mixed media materials with embroidery and crochet elements, 100 cm x 120 cm, 2023
Aljaradat, G. 3
unwarranted stitch, mixed media fabric with gouache paints and embroidery, 18 cm x 25cm, 2023
Aljaradat, G. 4
the layered disk, mixed media fabrics and gouache paints, 18 cm x 24 cm, 2023
Aljaradat, G. 5
disintegration, mixed media with acrylic paints, inks and embroidery with glass bugle beads and gold leaf, 30 cm x 30 cm, 2023