2023 MA → Chrifa Benkhalifa

Chrifa Benkhalifa

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Chateb, Film, 3 min 31 sec, 2023

In my paintings, I combine loose and tight brushstrokes to create realistic artwork. My media for communicating involve archaic materials such as raw linen, Gesso, charcoal, linseed oil, and oil paints.
The unfinished look of the painting is part of my artistic practice, the incomplete feeling of the work and what brings with it, the potentiality of a painting to evolve, and the fragility of the present and the painting itself and the incomplete as a concept.
In my recent work, I explore the notion of power and gender politics in the Arab world. I am trying to talk about the invisible and the woman as an invisible creature, marginalized and neglected in different ways.
Invisibility and erasure are the motivation behind my artwork. Exploring my experiences and memories to express a repressed fear and concern of being marginalized and neglected as a woman in a misogynistic society.

Benkhalifa, C. 2
Untitled1, Oil on stretched canvas, 91 × 61 cm, 2022
Benkhalifa, C. 3
Untitled2, Oil on stretched canvas, 91 × 61 cm, 2022