2023 BA → Chloe Anaxagora

Chloe Anaxagora

Anaxagora, C. 1
DONUT WORRY, Acrylics and yarn on cotton fabric canvas, 130 cm × 130 cm, 2022

Working with fabric in combination with acrylics is a method I have been keen on in the past months, in order to create a sequence of pop-art pieces called ‘DONUT WORRY’. In these series of works, I am mainly using the famous Marilyn Monroe as my muse, not just because she is familiarised with the pop art movement, but also of how fascinating and mesmerising I find her playful aura that instantly led me in manipulating some of her pictures in order to create something colorful and bright. However, I didn’t want the progress of my work to look quite fictional, so I have included B&W colors with some realistic techniques. This method creates an odd distinction between the happy vibrant colors of pop art and the almost unpleasing colors of black and white. Additionally, the artist Matt Canningham has been a great inspiration towards my work including his elements of division, colors and manipulation of pictures.

The purpose of the works is to mainly raise awareness of a healthy, balanced, physical and mental lifestyle. The illustration of donuts found in the series, is my chosen subject matter alongside of Marylin, that highlights my intention to reflect on feelings of lust and desire, the different mental battles and hard work upon resisting and not giving up in one’s journey. Good health and lifestyle is a topic I am deeply invested in my life and with this artistic approach I hope people will question their daily health habits and how they’ve been impacting their lives unconsciously. Why not start by being more conscious with our choices in food and lifestyle since these choices will automatically have a positive impact in our mindset and growth?

Anaxagora, C. 2
Stuck on a stack of carbohydrates!!! How can I donut worry?, Acrylics and needlework on cotton fabric canvas, 130 cm × 130 cm, 2023
Anaxagora, C. 3
Marylin Division, Acrylics and yarn on cotton fabric canvas, 59.5cm × 48cm, 2023