Not only is Students in Schools great experience, it is also a lot of fun! Whether you want to explore the possibility  of teaching, or simply want to do some voluntary work, Students in Schools is a great opportunity to get involved. Here is what our previous volunteers have to say about the scheme:

“Student tutoring was the most fun thing I did this year. It has made a huge difference to my year here in the UK and I really enjoyed it.”

“I have gained more confidence and I now know that I’d like​ to pursue a career in teaching.”

“The young boy I was helping began to gain courage to answer the questions posed by the teacher and was so proud to do so. Being able to see the marked improvement in his work and mathematical skills made it very worthwhile.”

“It was great to see how the students improved week to week and it was lovely to see how excited they were to see me when I arrived”

Had a wonderful time today, such a stress-buster !

“The class and teacher made me feel very welcome in their lesson and therefore made me comfortable helping the children and asking if they needed any help … I would definitely recommend it, my only regret is not doing it in my first year as well!


“My advice for future volunteers would be to make sure that you are as prepared as possible before each class, even if that means occasionally reading over some of the material that the students will be covering”
“You need to be committed, show respect for the school by turning up regularly, but most of all make sure that you have fun and treat it as a recreational exercise that is something different to normal Uni life. I guarantee that if you put the effort in you will enjoy it.”
“I have developed more patience and better communication skills, my advice is don’t worry too much about it, the children love to see a new face!