How We Work Now: Parents and Carers in the post-COVID screen sector

How We Work Now: Parents and Carers in the post-COVID screen sector is a new piece of research developed by Raising Films, whose mission is to support, promote and campaign for parents and carers in the UK screen sector. It’s a survey aimed at anyone who works or has worked in the screen industries in the UK (including curation, creative practice, education, community arts and archives, as well as freelance work in film, television, and digital media) while being a parent and/or caring (unpaid) for family members and/or friends, whether long-term or short-term. We are asking you about how COVID-19 has impacted the way we work, as parents and carers in the UK’s screen sector – and about what we need to keep working.

Completing this survey offers you the opportunity to outline how COVID-19 has affected your work, and in turn to inform and influence what we hope will be lasting change in our industry. Please share the survey link widely and encourage friends and co-workers to take part.

We’ve designed the survey to be as inclusive as possible, talking about care needs as well as care-giving. We recognise that our survey questions relate to difficult topics. We hope that by asking them we can help our whole community. At the moment, we cannot offer individual support, but we have put together a list of recommended organisations and supportive resources.

The survey is open until the end of June, and results will be published in September. You can find out more, and participate in the survey here.