Care Vocabulary

One of the things we worked on during our workshops with sound artist activist collective Ultra-red (copied in) and Reading Refugee Support Group (RRSG) was the creation of a CARE VOCABULARY. This was built on by several individuals who contributed with their own words for care, (like ‘listening’ or ‘solidarity’ or even words in languages other than English like ‘karim’ or ‘saudade’). The words were then reworked by smaller groups, eventually creating our own collective definitions of ‘words of care’. This helped us anchor our thoughts and have a sense of individual-meets-collective thinking around the language of care. Other groups have since added their own ‘words of care’ to the care vocabulary. The idea is that this Care vocabulary can then be re-worked and represented in a meaningful way post-event in our journey towards a collective redefinition(s) of care. If you or your group want to contribute to the Care vocabulary, please consider these different aspects:

  1. the meaning of the word 
  2. the wider context you situate this word in (political, economic, cultural historic)
  3. your own personal experience and associations of the word. 
  4. What would that ‘word of care’ sound/look like? Could you make a audio or visual record of it?

Please add your words of care here.