As a part of this plan, this website serves as our hub to showcase our Partnership to external stakeholders. Here, we proudly publish our collaborative works, making them easily accessible to the public.

Our commitment to community engagement is further demonstrated through our Annual Showcase, where we highlight the exceptional talent and strengths within our partnership. This event not only promotes our achievements but also serves as a platform to unite colleagues from both organisations.

We continuously seek opportunities to create new links and synergies across both organisations. Our commitment to community engagement remains unwavering as we work towards a more connected and thriving community, benefiting both Berkshire and beyond.

Patient and Public Engagement

At HIP, we believe in the power of collaboration, especially when it comes to shaping the future of our HIP projects, which span health, academia, and innovation. Our commitment to patient and public engagement goes beyond traditional project development. We recognise that true progress is made when projects are developed ‘with’ or ‘by’ the public, not merely ‘to,’ ‘about,’ or ‘for’ them.

This philosophy underlines our dedication to ensuring that patients, the public (both local and beyond) actively contribute to the design, execution, and dissemination of our HIP projects as our goal is to serve our communities and further knowledge.

It’s important to note that our approach to public involvement extends beyond project participants. Instead, it encompasses a collaborative journey where patients, the public, and the professional community become integral partners in the entire project process. One specific example is involving Patient Leaders with our projects and meetings as well as working with Patient Research Champions in the Trust.

Through meaningful engagement, we strive to make our projects more relevant, acceptable, and understandable to those involved. We believe that this approach not only enhances the project experience but also leads to better communication of outcomes, fostering a stronger sense of partnership and shared progress.

We invite you to explore our commitment to patient and public engagement and discover how it shapes the way we develop and execute HIP projects, promote transparency, and build a brighter future for healthcare, academia, and our wider community.