Meet the team

Dr. Janet Lippett

Chief Medical Officer
& Co-Chair (RBFT)

Prof. Carol Wagstaff

Research Dean for Agriculture,
Food & Health & Co-Chair (UoR)

Jessica McKean

Strategic Partnerships
Manager (RBFT & UoR)

Sohail Akhtar

Health Innovation Partnership
Facilitator (RBFT & UoR)

Andrew Statham

Director of Strategy (RBFT)

Prof. Atul Kapila

Director of Research
and Innovation (RBFT)

Daniel Grant

Teaching and Learning
Dean (UoR)

Elizabeth Flannery

Director of Nursing –
Care Group Board (RBFT)

Dr. Jill Ablett

Director of Medical Education

Magda Kosmopoulou

Business Development Manager,
Knowledge Transfer Centre (UoR)

Prof. Orla Kennedy

Strategic Partnership
Director – Health (UoR)

Prof. Phil Dash

Head of Biological
Sciences (UoR)

If you’d like to find out contact details for any of our board members, please get in touch