About the Health Innovation Partnership

Our History

The foundation of the Health Innovation Partnership (HIP) dates back to November 2017, where a Strategic Partnership workshop jointly identified opportunities to strengthen our research, teaching, and corporate relationships.

Committed to this shared vision, our institutions collectively invested £1.15 million over three years, solidifying their partnership in April 2018 with the establishment of the Joint Academic Board (JAB).
Alongside significant financial investments from both partners, the JAB set the stage for ongoing partnership development. As the JAB’s work over the years illuminated the vast potential within the collaboration, it led to a strategic proposal. This proposal, presented to the RBFT’s Executive Management Committee and the UoR Executive Council, sought additional financial support for the next five years, with matched funding from both parties.

In this transformative phase, the partnership embraced a formal rebranding as the Health Innovation Partnership (HIP), signifying a new era of collaborative innovation. Beyond a mere name change, HIP envisions innovative programs and deeper community engagement, lighting the way to a brighter and healthier community.

Our Work

Collaborative Innovation Funding (CIF)

In 2023, the CIF program enabled us to proudly champion over 50 projects, our projects aim to guide the future Healthcare and Academia. These initiatives have paved the way for a lasting legacy, resulting in expanded grants for ongoing research, notable publications, the nurturing of new student cohorts, and most importantly, an improvement in patient outcomes, to mention just a few of the remarkable achievements.

Recognition of Excellence Scheme (RoES)

Our RoES program recognises and honours outstanding departments for their excellence. Encouraging, promoting and to formally recognise RBFT departments that stand out in these core areas of clinical outcomes, teaching and education, and research.

Shared Strategic Partnership Vision

The Shared Strategic Partnership Vision enabled us to progress and establish the cutting-edge Clinical Simulation Training Suite. With work towards other projects ongoing.

HIP Events

Throughout the year, HIP hosts events spotlighting joint accomplishments between the Trust and University.

Our Values

Our infrastructure and activity will be driven within our five agreed partnership values. They will form the bedrock of our partnership, and what we aim to do together:

Working Together

Creating an inclusive culture for partnership and promoting collaboration.


Taking a people-centric approach, empowering staff and patients to become active participants in the care they provide and receive.

Future Focused

Implementing changes to ensure the healthcare system is fit for the future.

Commitment to Excellence

Recognising and supporting excellence in healthcare.

Nurturing Innovation

Creating an environment that values creativity, and delivers change.